Party Terms and Conditions

  1. No refunds will be given under any circumstances including children that do not attend.
  2. Party arrangements are made via
  3. Parties are unsupervised by Washbrooks staff. Please make sure sufficient adults in attendance.
  4. Contact details are required to book a party, along with agreement and acceptance of these terms, conditions and important information.
  5. We are unable to take provisional bookings/hold bookings.
  6. The party room hire of £30 is payable at the time of receipt of the booking email. Please send a confirmation email confirming the payment has been made. The room hire is not secured until payment is received. The £30 party room hire fee is non-refundable. The party room hire is for a two hour period which is specified at the time of booking.
  7. An email confirmation will be sent for the party room hire booking after payment.
  8. Please double check the date, time and room is as expected and advise immediately by return email if not as expected.
  9. Washbrooks Family Farm party invitations can be downloaded from the Parties website page
  10. 10 days prior to your party we will be in touch to finalise (please make sure you have your RSVP’s at this time) (i) Names of the invited children to be paid for in advance (ii) Food and drink requirements and (iii) To help please use the birthday party plan that was emailed with the £30 room hire payment confirmation.
  11. On the Monday before your party the birthday party plan (guest list, food and drink requirements) must be returned to no later than 5pm
  12. This information is required (i) To calculate payment due and (ii) is essential for the admission desk to allow entry
  13. Payment is required by bank transfer no later than the Wednesday prior to your party day. No refunds will be given after this time. This includes children that do not attend.
  14. The party rate is one free adult with every child paid for in advance. The payment in advance applies to all invited to the party including: (i) The birthday child and host(s) and (ii) Invited guest(s) not yet 3
  15. If any of your guests are members it is essential to confirm they have a valid membership card and details are on the birthday party plan. Any membership card holder has to bring the valid membership card on the day of the party or they will be charged admission
  16. Please be aware that any extra adults or siblings will be charged at normal admission prices (even if this is at short notice)
  17. NO access to the party room until your allocated time.
  18. NO facilities are available to store food, birthday cakes and/or presents prior and/or after the party.
  19. Please leave the party room promptly at the end of your allocated time.
  20. Our party rooms are in keeping with the Washbrooks surroundings and no decorations are required. You can bring decorations if you like (but not confetti or pinata’s). Please remember time slots are restricted, leaving limited time to prepare and put up decorations at the start of your slot and then take down and remove at the end of your time slot. (A) Stable Room – if you are planning to bring decorations these are restricted to the pin board only. No fixing materials (including blu tack, sellotape and drawing pins etc) are to be used in other areas. (B) The Chalet – please use fixing materials such as blu tack, sellotape and drawing pins etc. considerately. (C) Tractor Shed – please use fixing materials such as blu tack, sellotape and drawing pins etc. considerately. There are no table coverings for any of the party rooms.
  21. There is a power supply in the Stable Room and Chalet if you want to play music.
  22. NO kettles/urns/cookers/ovens are to be used in the party rooms.
  23. Please ask your party guests to ensure children dress accordingly to weather conditions.
  24. If you are unable to host your party on the slot booked an alternative time and date can be offered, availability permitting.
  25. Additional charges will apply if there are any extras on the day.
  26. Under normal circumstances Washbrooks is open 357 days a year, but if forced to close due to circumstances beyond its control, parties cannot be refunded.
  27. Washbrooks is continually replacing, improving facilities and/or introducing new ones. In line with this, we reserve the right to withdraw or introduce charges to, amend or discount attractions & opening times at any given time without prior notice or compensation.
  28. Personal or verbal abuse of staff will not be tolerated and Washbrooks reserves the right to refuse admission.
  29. Washbrooks will keep your details on file under the regulations of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not give to third parties. The Data Protection Act was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018
  30. Our privacy policy can be found on our website
  31. Children 15 years and under must be accompanied by an individual aged 16 years or over.
  32. Washbrooks party information and terms and conditions will be provided when enquiring about a party and is available on our website
  33. Party information, special offers and marketing will be sent using the email provided.

30th August 2023