Our Animals

A variety of different animals and breeds for you to see

Shire Horses

Gregory and Galaxy may be in the barn or grazing in the field.

Shetland Ponies

We have 3 shetland ponies. Cookie, Spot and Bashful.


Jemima is our mum with her naughty child Jade. Oakley and Fraser are our American Mammoth donkeys. Hugo is a Poitou and Swampy and Jed are our miniature donkeys.

Highland Cows

We have 2 cows with chocolate names. Chocy and her black calf Coco. Chocy has magnificent horns and a shaggy coat. Coco’s horns and coat will grow over the next few years.


We have about 15 goats on the farm. A large family of pygmy goats but also golden Guernsey and nubian.


Bella the pink pig and Pasta the black pig spend their day sleeping. Once a year in July we have a litter of piglets.


We have about 100 polled Dorset sheep producing beautiful lambs at Easter. We also have one Soay, a rare breed. We have some Zwartble sheep, including Binky who we hand reared.

Llama And Alpacas

Tiggy our llama looks different from Baby the alpaca. Can you spot the difference?


Our lovely collection of ducks can be viewed up close.


Our noisy geese like to make their presence known. They’re certainly not shy.


Get up close to our cute and cuddly rabbits.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs and rabbits live happily together in the barn.


Our turkeys can be seen in the paddocks and outbuildings. The flabby and elongated bits of skin that dangle from the turkey’s neck is called a wattle.


We have a variety of different types of chickens including the Sussex – believed to be the first bred in Britain around the time of the Roman invasion.


Peacocks are members of the pheasant family. The male is a peacock and female penhen, a group of peafowl is called a ‘party’.

Guinea Fowl

Our Guinea Fowl seem to have a personality all their own. They can be quite comical at time and love to watch their own reflection.

Friendly family-run farm

We’re always around looking after our animals.

Our animal barn has been designed so that children of all ages can enjoy excellent views of the animals in the barn all year round – visitors can get close in a safe and hygienic environment.

If our animals aren’t in the barn they may grazing at their leisure in the paddocks, being playful or resting.

Take an opportunity to enjoy wander around the paddocks and the stunning back drop of the South Downs. Try and spot Wolstonbury Hill and other features of the South Downs Way including the northern slopes that lead to Devil’s Dyke.

Please note: Visitors are welcome to use a pushchair but some of the stone paths that surround the paddocks are rugged and there are slight inclines in places.